Audio Visual Solutions

We provide a verity of professional audio visual services and integrations which can be categorized as follows:

  • Professional projection solutions
  • Professional video wall solutions
  • Audio systems
  • Interactive kiosks solutions
  • IPTV and digital signage solutions
  • AV special furniture
  • AV over IP solutions
  • Smart AV solutions
  • Customer visit management solutions


Professional projection solution:
We provide high end projection solutions with specialized applications, in 2D and 3D capabilities and in high resolution, customized based on client specifications and requirements.


Professional video wall solutions:

We provide LED and LCD technology in any size or configuration. We are able to combine multiple screens to work as one large screen or to deliver multiple types of contents as per the client requirements. All the designs we offer can be customized or a new design can be created to meet the client specific needs. 


Audio systems:

We provide analogue or digital audio systems. Starting from audio signal at the microphone level and line level up to the speaker’s level and amplifications. We also provide solutions which work with the latest technology of audio over ethernet.


Interactive kiosks solutions:
We can customize your kiosks with any required components; fixed or motorized screens, passive or touch panels and applications which can deliver the content that might be required such as interactive maps.


IPTV and digital signage solutions:
Nowadays the market is moving towards a digital era through transformation of analogue video and audio signals over the network. NATS provides solutions that meet the needs of the evolving market and allows its clients to have their content (for example TV channels, computer signal or software content) delivered to variety of screens and panels. 


AV special furniture:
We supply customizable technical furniture to house your AV items; including video conference ,audio system ,screens monitoring and many more.


AV over IP solutions:
We provide solutions which transform the audio or the video signal over the IP network for many applications.


Smart AV solutions:
We offer solutions customizable for smart class rooms or multi-purpose halls such as (interactive boards, wireless presentations, language lap and digital podiums).


Customer visit management solutions:
Customer visit management is world famous solution for making the customer experience positive, unique and memorable. It is your tool for doing better business with your customers. At the same time, it helps you improve your service whilst cutting costs and increasing your efficiency (for example queue management solutions and customer feedback solutions).