Automation Solutions

Home Automation

At NATS we offer Smart Home Automation solution, which focuses on complementing your lifestyle and day to day needs. At a touch of a button through your mobile device, elegant switches and touch panels you can control:

  • Lighting and scene
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Climate and AC
  • Curtain and gate
  • Home appliances
  • Air purification
  • Water and garden
  • Home theatre
  • Connection and communication





Systems Automation and Control

At NATS we understand machinery and plants are under pressure to perform more and more tasks and the trend is steadily growing across various industries. Our team is ready to assess your plant and machinery and offer suitable automation and system control (touch panels, hardware buttons and wireless panels to control the entire set-up) which will increase your overall efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility to enable you to respond to ever changing market demands.